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There are many situations where an appraisal needs to be conducted at your home.  A large quantity of items;  Pieces that require close examination;  Large items that are difficult to move, etc.

This is not a problem.  We will be pleased to send a professional antique and art appraiser to assist you.  Whether it is to do a verbal "walk-though" of your home to give you a general idea of what your items are worth, or to provide many other services that are available to you, we will guarantee a knowledgeable friendly appraiser to assist you.

Fees:  Please call 845-386-5035.  Our fees are very reasonable and our service is excellent.  For over 45 years we have never had a complaint.

Estate & Insurance Appraisals:

Information available upon request

Estate Liquidations:

Liquidating an estate (many times due to the passing of a loved one) can be a difficult and stressful time for many individuals.  There are many decisions to be made.  Where to sell.  Should I sell each piece individually or as one package?  Who should I call?  Are they honest and trustworthy? Will I get the best price?  Who will represent me every step of the way?  Making the wrong decisions can result in the loss of thousands of dollars.

These are many other questions  that need to be answered correctly and by someone with an extensive knowledge of estate liquidation.   We have the experience and knowledge of the complete Fine Art Marketplace to assist you in placing the items in your estate in the right venues and to receive the best results possible. 

A personal consultation with a experienced professional estate representative will answer all of your questions.  Why not request one today and receive the answers you deserve?

Representing Your Interests:

Our most important goal is to represent your best interests only.  With over 45 years of experience in the entire field of Fine Art & Antiques, we can professionally determine an excellent plan to provide the results you require.  Whether it is selling a single item or an entire estate, we will provide you with a experienced solution to meet your expectations.   Whether you need to sell or buy,; obtain a verbal appraisal or insurance appraisal;  legal or other documentation, we will be at your service.

That is why we take the time to meet with you and discuss your specific situation and desires.  We will listen to you first  and then develop a specialized plan to complete your requirements.

Appraisal Fairs & Events For Organizations: 

A way for your organization to have a great fund raiser and have a enjoyable night for your members.

Great for fraternal organizations, church groups, fire departments, senior groups, schools, libraries, etc.

Call 845-386-5035 for further information.