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A great way to find out what your art or antiques are really worth is by using our online appraisal service.

This service is also great to know what that item is worth BEFORE you purchase it. Is it real or is it fake?  Is it a good deal or  is it overpriced? It is quick and inexpensive. 

Do you have something that you have wondered about for years?  Now you can find out what the true value is.  This can be used in many ways.  Some people need to know what to insure their treasures for.  Some want to sell but do not know what the item is really worth.  Did you inherit a valuable object or just a family legend?   There are many individual reasons you should know what you own or about to buy.  Yes, we can do that!

Once you order your appraisal you will be assigned a professional appraiser who will forward instructions to assist you in giving us all we need to know about your objects  Just click below to start your adventure



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