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If you have a limited number of items to be appraised, you may wish to come to our offices for your appraisal.  We are the only private appraisers currently providing this type of service in the Hudson Valley.  In Office Appraisals offer the same quality appraisals at a reduced cost to you.  

We can usually appraise multiple items in one appointment.  All appraisals are verbal.  The appraiser will  give you information about each item, its history and of course always inform you of its value. 

Most appraisals can be completed within one hour.  However if you have a lot of items you are bringing to us, you may wish to consider a two hour appraisal.

A personal consultation with a experienced professional appraiser will answer all of your questions.  Why not request one today and receive the answers you deserve? You may order your appraisal below.  After we receive your request, an appraiser will call you and schedule your appointment at a time convenient to you.  

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